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Check Availability

Ring us on 01455 37 27 17, or email


Pay for your hire

Payment is made to confirm your hire, and can be made by credit or debit card over the phone. The payment needs to be in the name of the hirer, who should be the main driver.

In the event of cancellation, this is non-refundable, this includes being unable to provide correct documents, or having any undeclared convictions that mean we cannot release the vehicle to you


Get your DVLA licence share code

Visit and generate an 8-digit code that us to allows us to view your licence to confirm any convictions

You cannot hire a vehicle if you have received more than 6 penalty points in the last 36 months, or you have any offences in which 4 or more points were added that have not yet expired. You cannot hire a vehicle if you have a prosecution live or pending for the following. AC10 to AC30 (inclusive), BA10 to BA60 (inclusive), CD40 to CD90 (inclusive), CU80, DD10 to DD90 (inclusive), DG10 to DG60 (inclusive), DR10 to DR80 (inclusive), IN10, MS50, MS90, or TT99. For speeding offences only in which 4 or more points were added, or you have more than 6 points, please contact us via email and we may be able to refer you to our insurers.


Send your documents

Send the following via email to, or via WhatsApp to 01455 37 27 17.

Recent proof of address x2

These can be photos, scans, or .pdf files downloaded from your internet banking or utility provider. They need to show your name and address, and be dated within the past 90 days.

Utility bill -  Electric, gas, water, broadband, landline
Council tax demand (this is allowed to be older than 90 days as long as it is the current council tax year)
Bank statement (including current account statement, credit card statement or mortgage statement)
Car finance statement
Polling card
HMRC self-assessment/tax credit letter
Student loan
Shotgun licence
Mobile phone bill

Copy of driving licence photocard (front and back)
This is required for all drivers. If you have an old paper licence, then please also send a copy of your passport. Your licence address must match your current address.

Driving licence share code
You will need to visit and generate an 8-digit code that us to allows us to view the licence to confirm any convictions.


Collect your transporter

Standard collection is at 9.00am, please advise if you are looking to book a different time. Please ensure you bring your driving licence


Return your transporter

Ensure the transporter is returned with a full tank of diesel, and that there is no mud, rubbish or debris left in the cab.
The standard return times are between 7.00am, and 8.30am. If dropping the van back the day before, this must be before 6.00pm

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