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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I hire a vehicle?

You can either ring us, or make a booking request via email and we will ring you back once dates and price have been accepted. Payment is made to confirm a booking unless made over 30 days in advance, where a deposit of a days hire is required to secure the booking, and the balance due 30 days before the hire.

Do I need to send you anything?

You will need to email two proof of addresses dated within the last 90 days across to us to confirm your current address. These can be photos, scans, or .pdf files downloaded from your internet banking or utility provider.

Please see our How To Book page for further information


You will also need to email across a copy of your driving licence (front and rear), and if you have an old style licence, your passport for photo identification. Please send these to or WhatsApp to 01455 372717.


How do I share my driving licence with you?

You will need to visit and using your National Insurance number, driving licence number and your postcode, generate an 8-digit code that us to allows us to view the licence to confirm any convictions. This is required for all drivers being named on the hire agreement. The code and driving licence number need to be sent by email to or WhatsApp to 01455 372717.

Do you hold any money on my card or request a security deposit?

We do not place a hold on funds on your card. We do not require deposits, these will only be on certain EU hires as requested by our insurers.


What time do rentals start and finish?

Rentals usually start at 9am, but can be arranged to suit subject to availability. Please ensure you arrive at the agreed time, the standard return time is 830am to allow time for the vehicle to be inspected upon return. The van is the responsibility of the hirer until the van in checked in. We cannot accept returns outside of an agreed return time.


How long do I need to have held my licence?

All drivers need to hold full valid UK driving licences, held for at least two years.


What does the advertised price include?

Our advertised prices include the VAT element. The rental charge includes fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown, and general wear and tear. Also included is a 150 mile per day mileage allowance. A nominal charge of £0.10 is made per mile thereafter.

Do I require a special licence to drive a van?

No. All our vehicles are 3.5t and under, which is the same category as a car on your driving licence.


How old do I need to be to rent a van?

Unlike most other companies, you can drive our vans from 21 years of age. There is a small supplement of £7.00 per day for under 25s for insurance purposes. Unfortunately we have a maximum driver's age of 75.


Can anyone else drive the vehicle?

Yes they can. However, they must be named on the rental agreement, and their driving licences and share codes need to be presented as per the main driver. For each additional driver a small charge of £7.00 per day is required for insurance purposes. The hirer who pays for the vehicle, will always need to be listed as a driver on the hire agreement.


I have some points on my licence, can I still hire a vehicle?

Yes. As long as you have not received more than 6 penalty points in the last 36 months, and you don't have any offences in which 4 or more points were added that have not yet expired. You cannot hire a vehicle if you have a prosecution live or pending for the following. AC10 to AC30 (inclusive), BA10 to BA60 (inclusive), CD40 to CD90 (inclusive), CU80, DD10 to DD90 (inclusive), DG10 to DG60 (inclusive), DR10 to DR80 (inclusive), IN10, MS50, MS90, or TT99. For speeding offences only in which 4 or more points were added, or you have more than 6 points, please contact us via email and we may be able to refer you to our insurers.

My plans have changed, what should I do?

Unfortunately we cannot offer cancellations on bookings, however we do try and be flexible, and where enough notice is given we will be able to swap your hire to a future, available date. 


What are my obligations when driving one of your vehicles?

We ask that you treat our vehicles with respect and care, and drive carefully and with due diligence. We believe in safe driving, so we can end a rental if any driver is seen using a hand held mobile phone, or committing an offence of dangerous driving, driving without due care, or inconsiderate driving. Any speeding fines, or penalty charge notices are the responsibility of the hirer, who under the Road Traffic Act, act as the 'owner' of the vehicle whilst on hire.

What happens if I damage the vehicle?

Whilst the vehicle is under your care, as the hirer you are responsible for any damage, including that of to tyres and windscreens. The vehicles have fully comprehensive insurance, with a standard excess of £500.00. However, for drivers 21-23, the excess is £1000.00, and drivers 24-25 £750.00.

I am running late, what should I do?

You need to let us know as soon as possible, so we can extend the insurance for the extra period, and advise you of any extra charges due.


What happens if I break down?

In the highly unlikely event there is an issue with the van, they are covered by 24hr nationwide recovery.


What should I do in the event of an accident?

Firstly, stay calm. If anyone is hurt or there is any damage to other vehicles, notify the police immediately and make sure you get an incident reference. If there are casualties, these of course take priority over everything else, but make sure by assisting them you are not putting yourself in danger. Get details of witnesses, and take photos if possible. You need to contact the insurance company as soon as practicable, and then let us know. You must forward any correspondence received, to ourselves as soon as possible.


What do I do when I return the vehicle?

The vehicle must be returned with a clean interior, and with a full tank of fuel, or unfortunately a valeting charge or refill charge will be required. Please notify any damage.


What is the deal with the fuel?

All our vehicles are supplied with a full tank, and therefore must be returned as such. If a vehicle is not returned with a full tank, the fuel is charged to you at the cost to us, along with a £20.00 fee to cover the time for our staff member to fill the van, the admin and card processing costs, and to act as a reasonable deterrent to ensure the policy is adhered to.

General Advice


Modern vans are fairly easy to drive, many describing them as 'car like'. All our vans have CD-players and power steering etc., with comfortable and ergonomic cabs.


Despite the above, there are still a few differences you will need to remember when driving a van for the first time.




On national speed limited roads, there are some differences compared with that of cars.


Motorways: 70mph (no change)

Dual Carriageways: 60mph

Single Carriageways: 50mph




You will need to take into consideration the size of the vehicle. Watch out for height and width restrictions. Most vans can fit where cars can width ways, but be careful as car transporters are wider than cars and standard panel vans.




Take care when reversing, don't be afraid to have someone direct you back, or even stop the vehicle in a safe place and have a look to check that you are on course.


Remember, there is no central rear view mirror, so use your side mirrors more often while driving so you know what is behind you, as vans can have larger blind spots.


A van, especially when fully loaded, will be slower to stop, and less stable when cornering compared to a car. Be careful on the weight of the load you put onto the transporter. We advise customers on collection as to the payload of the van, the penalties for overloading can be severe, so please ask for any advice.


Watch out for the rear overhangs on our transporters. Take more care when taking low speed tight turns. Use the mirrors to help position the rear axle and overhang.

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