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We offer easy to use 3.5t car transporters equipped with straps, a winch, and beacons that mean they are ideal for collecting either runners and non-runners, your pride of joy, or a bargain off eBay.


Our vehicles can be driven on a standard car licence (category B), unlike towing a trailer where you will need to have a specific trailer licence (category B+E).


Our team will offer advice and show you how to load a vehicle and secure it safely, giving peace of mind if you are new to using a vehicle transporter.


As a family run business, we aim to offer a pleasant, friendly service, going the extra mile to serve our customers. Call us today on 0843 0303 818 to check availability or to book your rental.

  • good value daily rates

  • discounted weekend rates

  • further discounted weekly rates

  • delivery and collection services

  • are well presented

  • are late model

  • are fitted with a winch and beacons

  • come supplied with gloves and straps

Car transporters...


In particular our transporters...


We offer...

  • can be driven on a car licence

  • carry upto 1500kg

  • are more stable than towing a trailer

  • are easy to use

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